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5 Social Media Marketing Trends to Keep You Relevant This 2017

Online trends come and go quickly, and sometimes, it's really difficult to keep up. As a business, it's important to know what people are currently raving about in order to stay relevant.

Seeing is believing

We’re way beyond the era where written testimonials were more than enough to persuade a reader. People are always looking for new experiences and craving for adventure. If you're trying to get them to try your service or product, post videos instead of static images. Or better yet, do a live feed of what you do.

Instant Response

Have you ever messaged a business and then less than a second of hitting send, you receive a reply? Chatbots are on the rise and they're here to put an end to messages left hanging. Some would even go so far as to automating FAQ responses.

Disappearing Ink

One of Facebook’s new updates is the expiring profile pictures. It seems that they have started to understand people’s actions during social media campaigns. Another good example of this is the rise of Snapchat.

Keeping It Personal

People are tired of generalized content. What users look to now is a more personalized approach. This will help not just in advertising, but also with customer service. Brands are now studying the interests of individuals and pattern their ads according to that.

Never Settling for Less

Online tech just keeps getting better and better—so should content quality. Always make sure images are clear, and the words are well thought off. Users appreciate content that they know brands have really worked hard to generate.